Alexi Dimond addresses the Stop Genocide in Gaza rally
Alexi Dimond addresses the Stop Genocide in Gaza rally

A motion on stopping genocide in Gaza, proposed by the Green Group, was passed at Sheffield City Council’s meeting this week.

The motion called for an immediate ceasefire, to stop the killing, facilitate an intense period of diplomacy, bring humanitarian aid into Gaza, and provide an opportunity to negotiate the release of all Israeli hostages and lift the siege on Gaza before it is too late.

Gleadless Valley Green Councillor Alexi Dimond, who proposed the motion, said,

“Sheffield City Council was the first Council in the UK to recognise the state of Palestine. The sheer scale of the atrocities committed by the Israeli Government on thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza has appalled many local people, with hundreds attending demonstrations outside Sheffield Town Hall.

“I was relieved that Labour and Lib Dem Councillors locally backed our call for a ceasefire. Labour did attempt to remove the statement that criticised Keir Starmer for saying in an interview with LBC radio, that Israel “does have that right” to withhold food, water and electricity from Gaza, and that he should apologise and retract this statement supporting collective punishment. Fortunately they failed to secure enough votes to delete this part of the motion.

“The Lib Dems and Labour did manage to remove the call for a just political settlement based on an end to discriminatory apartheid policies, settler colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

“But, significant actions from the motion still remain, including calling for a ceasefire, ending arms sales to Israel, ending the occupation & considering joining the Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid,

“This would not have been possible without the support & commitment of grassroots organisations and the Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and the vast majority of Sheffielders, from all backgrounds.”


Motion passed at Sheffield Full Council on 1/11/23

(Public Pack)”Stopping Genocide in Gaza” – Resolution Passed By The Council on 1st November 2023 Agenda Supplement for Council, 01/11/2023 14:00 (