Cllr Christine Gilligan Kubo at the COP 28 protest      in Sheffield

I joined the Sheffield COP 28 protest on December 9th to push for action now because I’m a grandmother. I want to leave a planet where future generations can thrive.

An increase in global temperatures of 3 degrees Centigrade is what climate scientists say we are facing unless we make radical changes now.

Melting ice sheets will lead to global sea level rises. There will be more extreme heat and drought, more intense storms, more flooding, widespread damage to infrastructure and destruction of crops and food supplies.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. We can reduce this harm to our planet if there is the political will to do so.

The current government does not care about the future of our planet or the future of our children.
Unfortunately, the Labour opposition is also already cutting back on its environmental commitments and reducing its investment in the green agenda that we need for a sustainable future.

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and insulating our homes will reduce our emissions and could cut household energy bills by up to £1400 a year. It could also save businesses £53 billion in energy bills, Taking control of our energy could also save businesses £53bn in energy bills, which would be a real boost for manufacturing in the UK.

Shell made £32 billion and BP £23 billion in profit last year while energy bills rose and people found it difficult to heat their homes. The top 20 fossil fuel firms are responsible for one-third of all emissions. They are raking in billions while many households across the UK are struggling to keep warm this winter.

The fossil fuel millionaires and billionaires have tried to block investment in renewable energy at COP28, but it is the richest who most need to stand up and take responsibility. The richest 1% of the population produce as much carbon as the poorest 5 billion people on Earth.

This must change now. We need Climate Justice now. Let’s build a fair and equitable future for our children.

Christine Gilligan Kubo

Green Party Councillor – Hillsborough Ward