Peter Gilbert, Ecclesall Greens

Ecclesall Greens have submitted an objection to the development of the Gospel Church site, adjoining Carterknowle Park, on Carterknowle Road. The derelict site has become overgrown, becoming a much-needed haven for local wildlife. The new development has good features, such as green roofs and new hedgerows, but more could be done to preserve and extend the space for nature. There is also a high flood risk on the site – permeable parking and rain gardens have been recommended to reduce that risk but they aren’t yet part of the designs. Most concerning is the lack of commitment to affordable housing – a critical issue for Millhouses and wider Sheffield. This is a large development of 67 apartments and needs to justify its impact. The developer should make a commitment to follow the affordable housing guidance and help a broader section of our community find good homes. There’s a planning application in Ecclesall and Ecclesall Greens have submitted an objection. Please sign and share this petition. You will find all the details on the  planning portal.

Reference 23/03296/FUL