A letter to the Sheffield Star

Recently, I had the privilege of answering questions from pupils at Mercia school, in Millhouses, for their mock elections. I set out the issues we face and the Green Party solutions. I also spoke about leadership and the power of working together. When we think of leaders we may think of the Prime Minister. But leaders exist throughout our communities.

Our local leaders are councillors and charity coordinators, governors and sports club coaches. They are small business owners and litter pick volunteers. Every community needs people to step forward. Someone who inspires others to work alongside them towards the same goal.

Everyone reading this can think about stepping forward. To clean up a park. To protest a closure. To start up a sports club. It doesn’t take many people working together to make positive change. You could work together with friends or family. Or a club or community group. Even a political party!

But I also ask your readers to reflect on this, as I said to the pupils who questioned me. For our nation, the challenges we face seem huge. Crumbling public services. People not being able to afford food. The climate crisis. All these problems can be solved if enough people work together to fix them.

The Greens offer a manifesto of hope and real change. Our policies move forward to address the challenges we face. They have been backed by teachers, Greenpeace, care workers, and more. We want to inspire others because we can only solve our challenges together.

Outside of Westminster, we will need leaders in our neighbourhoods, our workplaces, and our schools. We will need everyone to step forward and work together. Whatever the result on July 4th, we can all take the lead in making our nation better.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Leman

Green Party candidate for Sheffield Hallam Constituency