The Green City ward councillors welcome the Connecting Sheffield proposals for improving active travel infrastructure by adding segregated cycle lanes and much needed pedestrian crossings, reducing public transport travel time and adding greenery to the ward, which is one of the most deprived wards in Sheffield in greenery and green spaces.

Ruth and Douglas at Ball St Bridge Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
Cllr Ruth Mersereau and Cllr Douglas Johnson at Ball St bridge at a Sheffield Greenpeace event calling for more Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

In discussions with and listening to residents in Kelham Island and Neepsend the need for cutting off the rat run through Kelham Island has come up many times, we welcome that this scheme finally addresses this.

Alongside this the crossing at Rutland Road junction has been much requested by residents and visitors alike and is something we have been pushing for for many years. People do not feel safe crossing there at the moment, and there is no nearby managed crossing. Adding one will make a big difference to the area, especially considering potentially increased demand with applications for new developments in the area.

Dutch Roundabout proposal for West Bar
ConnectingSheffield proposals for a Dutch roundabout at West Bar

It is welcome to see a change in transportation planning and to see innovations like the Dutch roundabout proposed, which would give pedestrians and cyclists priority. We welcome this, although note that improvements can be made to the suggested to design, such as those made by CycleSheffield and wish these are taken into account.

To meet our carbon neutral ambitions as a city, country and world we must make carbon free means of transportation as accessible as possible. Improving public transport infrastructure and reducing the time taken to reach destinations by public transport is important in providing environmentally friendly viable alternatives to private car travel. Improving active travel infrastructure has been shown to increase the amount of use of active travel, which as well as being good for the planet is also good for our health.

We would like to encourage all nearby residents, people who work in the area and those who travel in the area to submit feedback so suggestions can be taken into account.

Feedback can be left on the Connecting Sheffield page:

At the end of March as lockdown began, Foodhall started its emergency food parcel service, delivering food packages to households across Sheffield and into other parts of South Yorkshire.

Thanks to a huge number (160+) of volunteer distributors, food collectors, warehouse staff and support from everyone else across the Foodhall community, over the initial 4 months they were able to deliver 2757 parcels up to the end of July, feeding over 7500 people in the process and covering over 7700km in delivery miles by their cyclists and drivers!

This is a huge thank you to all of you – this sort of effort would not have been possible without the amazing work Foodhall’s volunteers have put in.

Foodhall delivered 2757 parcels up to the end of July!

Since our emergency response and following a change of space, Foodhall have continued operating a reduced delivery service, focusing on using distributing surplus and donated food only. They also have some very exciting news coming soon regarding the procurement of some e-cargo bikes that will greatly increase the amount of food they can move around the city – and make all those hills a lot easier!

Bike deliveries by Foodhall volunteers

Foodhall are still on the lookout for volunteer cyclists and drivers – do let us know if you’re interested in joining us by emailing

The City Ward councillors hope to see applications for “ward pot” funding opening soon.

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