Bob Berzins in the Peak District.
Bob Berzins in the Peak District.

Richard Bailey and the grouse moor owners he speaks for (Letters, 7 March) continue to promote the practice of heather burning which is harmful to public health, wildlife, and the environment. 

He fails to mention the Government has banned burning on deep peat soils because of damage to protected habitat. Instead of burning, grouse moor owners can now mow and shred the vegetation. In this way, they can reduce the fire risk and reduce the air pollution suffered by people living downwind. This could easily be extended to all moorland.

Unfortunately, illegal burning continues with the owner of Bradfield Moors subject to an enforcement penalty for unlawful burning of deep peat. Three similar cases are under investigation on Sheffield moors.

During the heather burning season, local communities such as Bradfield, Loxley and Malin Bridge are subject to intolerable levels of smoke and particulates which are extremely damaging to health. Then, these pollutants drift eastwards towards the whole of Sheffield.

The ugly tradition of grouse shooting must end for the benefit of all our communities. 

Bob Berzins

Sheffield Green Party



Heather burning on moorland
Heather burning on the moors above Sheffield