A letter to the Star and Telegraph

Cllr Angela Argenzio
Cllr Angela Argenzio

Dear Editor,

After 14 years of Conservatives in power, funding for local councils has been stripped away. Public services are on their knees. Front-line workers are desperate to bring vital services to the people who need it the most. I see this so much in my role as Chair of the council’s Adult Health and Social Care Committee.

In 2022, Sheffield City Council passed a Labour motion calling on the government to “provide sufficient financial support for local authorities to ensure that people in Sheffield get the support they need through this ongoing crisis.”

Now Labour has published its manifesto. And it’s shocking to see there is not a penny more for local council services. The best that Keir Starmer’s party has to offer is a “multi-year” settlement … but no extra cash.

By contrast, Green MPs in Parliament will push for £5 billion a year in extra funding for local councils.

To see the Labour Party abandon local government is not just disappointing. It is damaging to everyone who uses council services, whether that means emptying bins or protecting children from harm. And it is deeply offensive to everyone working on the front line of public services.

Cllr Angela Argenzio

Green Party candidate for Sheffield Central

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