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2 thoughts on “Court judgment in the Council’s application to commit Cllr Teal to prison

  1. Jane McKenzie says

    I have the utmost respect for Alison Teale who is prepared to make a stand and some sacrifice for her principles. She will know that her involvement lends a cloak of respectability to the campaign. It can no longer be dismissed as a small bunch of ” nutters”. This is why she has been pursued so vindictively by the Labour Councillors . I now see that they will stop at nothing to pursue their own ends. Ends that are certainly not in the best interests of the people of Sheffield and our natural environment. It remains to be seen who actually benefits from this aggressive policy.

  2. Hairyloon says

    It seems to me a simple problem, which is not to say that it is easy to solve.
    The Council believe they represent the people: they were voted in so they have a mandate to do what they did and to stand by it on behalf of the majority.
    They believe that you represent a minority of dissidents.

    The only proper answer then, is to prove that they are wrong and the only way to do that is through a vote.
    If Catalonia can push through oppression to hold an illegal vote on independence then surely we can muster a simple vote on the management of our city.

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