Green Councillors challenge cuts to Street Cleaning

Green Party activists helped the Friends of the Old Town Hall with a litterpick in Waingate
Green Party activists helped the Friends of the Old Town Hall with a litterpick in Waingate

More litter likely

Sheffield’s Labour council is cutting back on litter clearance and removing 80% of roadside shrubbery in a bid to save money on its £2 billion Highways PFI contract. The plans will mean dirtier streets and less pollution absorbed by plants, and were opposed by local Green councillors.

Cllr Rob Murphy said, “Clearing litter is a core council service, but due to the eye-watering cost ofthe PFI (£79 million next year), we will be paying more money for a worse service. Sheffield Greens opposed the PFI from the start, as a bad deal for taxpayers.”

Bin problems

We helped residents get bins emptied properly at Cromford St in Highfield and at Kelham Mills.

Bins at the popular Nursery St pocket park will now be emptied more often next summer, after Green councillors took up residents’ complaints.

Safer City Streets

20 mph limit at last

After a long campaign by Green councillors, the Council has agreed to a 20 mph speed limit for most of the city centre and Kelham Island, off main roads.

Cllr Douglas Johnson said, “Experience in other areas shows a lower speed limit reduces the number and severity of road accidents. We are glad the Council has finally listened and look forward to safer streets.”

However, Sheffield Council is working on plans to widen the Inner Ring Road near Kelham Island. Residents say traffic, noise and pollution will increase and the plans neglect pedestrians and cyclists.

Green campaigner Martin Phipps said, “The last ring road scheme was massively over budget. Widening roads is not the answer when trams are to run less often from January because of increased road traffic. The Council has to learn and not make the same mistakes twice.”

Saved from prison!

Douglas Johnson helped fellow Councillor, Alison Teal, in a High Court case when the Labour Administration tried to imprison her for alleged breach of an injunction. The judge said the Council was “mistaken.”

Green Action in City Ward

City centre

Green Councillors are still pushing for a policy on off-licences around West St. The aim is to reduce street-drinking and associated anti-social behaviour and crime. We have also promoted a generous offer from Killi’s Cleaners on West St to help businesses remove graffiti.

Bus stops

After a Green petition signed by many local residents and councillor lobbying, the missing bus stop on Charlotte Road has been returned.

Two new bus stops are planned for Mowbray St in Kelham Island. Green Councillors asked for a replacement near Brewery Wharf after a previous one had been removed.

City development

Greens have commented on a redesign of Fitzalan Square. City centre campaigner John Wraysaid, “Anti-social behaviour has been a problem but we want to keep the trees and the setting of the Old Post Office.” Greens have also called for a review of the number of new-built blocks of flats.

City Centre Health Service closures

Green councillors have objected to plans to close the Walk-in Centre on Broad Lane and the Minor Injuries Unit at the Hallamshire Hospital. Cllr Douglas Johnson said, “TheseservicesareheavilyusedbyresidentsofCityWard.”

Green Party sailors took to the water at Kelham Island Raft Race
Green Party sailors took to the water at Kelham Island Raft Race

Preventing floods

Trees at Kelham Mills have been pruned back after Cllr Douglas Johnson negotiated with landlords over duties to maintain the riverside.

As well as helping residents with light and TV signals, cutting back willow trees is important to help prevent flooding.

Green Spending

Your Councillors have used money from City Ward funds to pay for:

  • Artwork on telephone cabinets to help tackle graffiti in Kelham Island
  • A river clean-up
  • Litter-picking
  • Health walks
  • Christmas events
  • Basketball sessions at Duchess Road
  • Planters at St Matthew’s Church
  • Canal trips on the “Ethel” community barge to reduce isolation for older people
  • A fence to stop cars churning up grass at the Charlotte Road car park
  • Support for Shoreham St Tenants and Residents Association and Kelham Island Community Alliance

Water and Air

We are looking at funding free air pollution monitoring kits. We also hope to offer free water butts, which can help prevent flooding. Please let us know if you are a resident of City Ward and would like either of these.

Local Charities

The Help Us Help campaign, which is to support homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield, benefited from funding from Green councillors. Stories of how you can donate your money in the best way to help people off the street can be found at

Contact City Ward Greens

Cllr Rob Murphy, 07875 015354

Cllr Douglas Johnson, 07500 766189

City ward Greens on Facebook.


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