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Cllr Alison Teal
Cllr Alison Teal

Thanks very much to everyone who supported Cllr Alison Teal in the May 201 8 council elections in our area. She was re-elected with a big majority of nearly 1 400 votes. This reflected many local voters’ support for the way Alison has challenged unpopular decisions and actions by Sheffield’s Labour-led City Council.

The official election result was:

  • Alison Teal (Green): 3896 votes
  • Nadia Jama (Lab): 2503
  • Kyle Crossland (Lib Dem): 285
  • Joseph Busby (Con): 21 3
  • Jeffrey Shaw (UKIP): 52

Alison said “I will do my best to continue to give a good service to everyone in our local area, whether they voted for me or not.”

Positive action

Members of Mums United with Green councillors
Members of Mums United with Green councillors Alison Teal (2nd left) and Kaltum Rivers (1 st left)

Mothers, and some fathers, in our local community are getting together to help their sons avoid the gang culture affecting so many teenagers. They have called their group ‘Mums United’; and have already attracted the support of the city’s two football teams who will offer soccer training locally. The group is also organising language tuition for mums who need help to learn English.

Schools funding

Sheffield schools receive less funding than schools in many other English cities, which means our children and teachers suffer. Alison Teal and other local Greens have been helping to collect signatures for the petition started by the Sheffield Star and Telegraph to press for more government funding for local schools.

Bad-smelling drains

Following consultations with residents of Glen Road (off Abbeydale Road), we’re currently working with a resident to get Yorkshire Water to take action on foul- smelling drains and other drainage-related problems. We are trying to develop a map of where this might be a problem elsewhere in our area. If you have anything to report near where you live, please contact local Green Rob Unwin, phone/text 07729 8851 06 or email

Sharrow Festival rubbish and recycling

Jon Ashe (left) and Douglas Johnson with some of the rubbish collected at Sharrow Festival
Jon Ashe (left) and Douglas Johnson with some of the rubbish collected at Sharrow Festival

For some years, local Greens have played a major part in collecting the rubbish and recycling at the Sharrow Festival. Local Green Jon Ashe commented “We’re glad to help make the Festival a success, and also raise awareness of the importance of recycling.”

Street trees

In summer 201 7, Sheffield City Council obtained a one-year High Court Injunction restricting peaceful protest against tree- felling. In July this year, the council returned to court to request a 3 year extension to the injunction; but Alison Teal and three other people challenged this in court.

A compromise was reached in the end – the new injunction lasts 1 8 months and has cost the council £75,000. Alison commented “It is difficult to understand why the council wanted to renew the injunction. Especially when they are saying publicly that they wish to negotiate a resolution to the dispute over felling healthy trees.”

A better city council

During the past year, many residents have told us that they think Sheffield’s Labour-led City Council should behave in a much more open and honest way with local people. And important Council decisions shouldn’t be taken by a few people in secret. We agree. Local Greens are working with others to press for improvements in the way the Council works. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more – phone/text 07842 374392 or netheredgesharrow@sheffieldgreenparty

Contact Nether Edge & Sharrow Greens

Cllr Alison Teal
07500 765419 or

Councillor surgery, 10.30 – 11.30am on 3rd Saturday of each month, Highfield Library, S2 4NF

Nether Edge & Sharrow Greens on Facebook


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