Greens were celebrating election results in Sheffield and across the country after record successes.

The four Green MPs elected to Parliament. From right to left: Carla Denyer (Bristol Central); Adrian Ramsey (Waveney Valley); Sian Berry (Brighton Pavillion); and, Ellie Chowns (North Herefordshire)

After the votes were counted, the Green Party now has 4 MPs to hold the new landslide majority Labour government to account.  This is a fourfold increase from the sole representative the party had in Parliament before. Successful Greens fought off two challenges from Labour and two from the Conservatives.

Here in Sheffield, the Greens powered ahead to three solid second places behind Labour, pushing in front of the Conservatives and LibDems in Sheffield Central, Brightside and Hillsborough and Sheffield Heeley, with 28,603 votes altogether. Sheffield Greens were the only party to increase the number of votes they received. Across the six constituencies, the Greens won an extra 19,413 votes whilst Labour received 17,504 fewer than in 2019, despite winning a massive majority in Parliament.

In Sheffield Central, Angela Argenzio won 26% of the vote, one of the best Green Party performances in the country, a massive increase from 9% in 2019. Angela said,

“I am so proud of the results of the Green Party in Sheffield Central – one of the highest percentage vote shares in the country! Thank you to all who voted for me.

“I’m delighted there is so much support that voters have shown for Green candidates here in Sheffield and across the UK.  

“This reflects our clear principles and growing representation since our first Green councillor was elected in Sheffield 20 years ago this May, together with the hard work of all our councillors and activists in the city.”

Green Party members with Greens for Palestine banner at the end of the General Election count 2024.
Angela with candidates and supporters as the Greens celebrate a successful election.

Alexi Dimond stood in Sheffield Heeley and won a very creditable 5,926 votes (15% of the total). After the count, he said,

“I am immensely proud of the campaign we ran in Heeley constituency to achieve 2nd place and humbled by the number of votes received with 15.4% of the vote and an 11.1% swing to the Greens. It is a vindication of our positive message of real hope and real change, the hard work that elected Greens do as councillors and our proud stance in calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and ending arms sales to Israel.”

In Brightside and Hillsborough, Christine Gilligan Kubo commented,

Thank you to all the people who heard what the Greens stand for and supported us, right across the north of Sheffield from Hillsborough, where I remain as a councillor, to Burngreave. I heard the voices of people who wanted genuine change from the same old parties and I hope I gave them an outlet to express support for the positive policies of the Green Party, not those of division and hate.

Jason Leman, Green candidate for Hallam constituency, said,

“This election was about building for the future and getting the green message heard. From Carla Denyer on question time, to speaking to people on the doorstep, to delivering our message through letterboxes, we changed the conversation.

Time and again, people said “you’re the ones telling the truth”. We’ve been clear about the issues we face and what’s needed to fix them. Our honesty, thoughtfulness and passion has been appreciated. 

The conversations we have started will continue. The push for a greener, fairer, Britain will continue. Together, we will make a difference inside and outside of parliament!”

Hannah Nicklin, for Sheffield South East, said,

“Greens had an incredible election, all across the country. As well as strong wins in all 4 of our target constituencies, Greens came out all over the country to make sure that voters in England and Wales had a genuine alternative on election day.

I’m so thankful for the people who voted for a fairer, greener, more just future. I’m proud to have given them the opportunity to cast that vote.

There are so many Green second places coming in, 3 new seats and what looks like a doubling of Green votes in a low turnout election. This is a huge moment, and the next election will be even more significant. If you voted Green, now’s the time to join the Green Party; we’ll advocate for a sustainable, fair and equitable future together.”

Andy Davies, candidate for Penistone and Stocksbridge, which is partly in Barnsley, said,

I’m incredibly proud of the results we achieved across Sheffield and the country as a whole. And I thank the 2,000+ voters in Penistone and Stocksbridge who voted for real hope and real change. I’m unbelievably thankful for all the support I’ve been shown within the community in the past few weeks.

Watch this space in 5 years!”

Results from the 2024 General Election, with Greens gaining vote share across the city compared to 2019, and doing well in South East and Penistone where no candidate stood in 2019.

Join the Green Party and be part of a greener, fairer, future.


  1. Full results in Sheffield are available here.
  2. Here is a summary of Green votes in Sheffield:
CandidateConstituencyVotes won% of valid votesPosition
Angela ArgenzioCentral828326.12nd
Alexi DimondHeeley592615.42nd
Christine Gilligan KuboBrightside and Hillsborough470116.22nd
Jason LemanHallam44918.74th
Hannah NicklinSouth East31588.84th
Andy DaviesPenistone and Stocksbridge20444.65th

  1. For news of national Green Party results, see

A letter to the Star and Telegraph

Cllr Angela Argenzio
Cllr Angela Argenzio

Dear Editor,

After 14 years of Conservatives in power, funding for local councils has been stripped away. Public services are on their knees. Front-line workers are desperate to bring vital services to the people who need it the most. I see this so much in my role as Chair of the council’s Adult Health and Social Care Committee.

In 2022, Sheffield City Council passed a Labour motion calling on the government to “provide sufficient financial support for local authorities to ensure that people in Sheffield get the support they need through this ongoing crisis.”

Now Labour has published its manifesto. And it’s shocking to see there is not a penny more for local council services. The best that Keir Starmer’s party has to offer is a “multi-year” settlement … but no extra cash.

By contrast, Green MPs in Parliament will push for £5 billion a year in extra funding for local councils.

To see the Labour Party abandon local government is not just disappointing. It is damaging to everyone who uses council services, whether that means emptying bins or protecting children from harm. And it is deeply offensive to everyone working on the front line of public services.

Cllr Angela Argenzio

Green Party candidate for Sheffield Central

See Angela’s campaign page here

Find out all about the General Election Campaign here.

Cllr Douglas Johnson
Cllr Douglas Johnson

Douglas Johnson, leader of the Green Councillor Group commented “What a government of chaos, as the dominos tumble!  This would be funny had the Conservatives not managed to wreck the economy, leaving many people struggling with much higher food, fuel and housing costs.  

“The only way anyone can have the mandate to govern the country now is with a general election and let the people decide, not a small number of Conservative Party MPs. 

“Meanwhile, Green councillors in Sheffield and across the country will continue to do what we can to stand up for our communities, tackle the climate emergency and work hard for a better future for us all.”

Umberto Albarella
Umberto Albarella

Umberto Albarella, Chair of Sheffield Green Party said “I completely agree with Caroline Lucas, who said anything other than a General Election is undemocratic. The Tory Party has spent its time in government to wreck the country for the interest of the few. They have substantially eroded our liberty, compromised environment and economy, and brought our country into disrepute. While people starve and struggle we cannot possibly afford to have another incompetent Tory Prime Minister in charge. Enough is enough”   ” 


Alison Teal
Alison Teal

Sheffield Central Green Party Candidate, Alison Teal said “The Tories have no electoral mandate to impose Austerity 2. Our Council and the people of Sheffield can not afford more cuts to vital services. We must have a General Election now.”