Climate Action Now
Climate Action Now
Green Party councillors proposed this amendment to the Labour budget proposals in March – it was voted down via the Labour majority. It is our manifesto for the council elections – a programme of council action to address the climate emergency. Our press release from March 2nd introducing the proposals follows.   

Cllr Douglas Johnson will say: “Unlike the Chancellor, Sheffield Greens are serious about doing what we can to address the climate emergency and to protect the poorest in society.

Headlines from the Green budget proposals:

  • A whole staff team to work on the climate emergency, warmer homes and local, clean energy production, such as solar farms;
  • £3 million Carbon Reduction Investment Fund
  • Better walking, cycling and public transport; and the return of the Electric FreeBee
  • Helping the poorest with £2 million to offset higher council tax bills
  • Supporting businesses coming out of lockdown
  • £1m for solar panels on council housing; £500,000 for schools
  • £1m for low-traffic neighbourhoods / active travel
  • Free buses and trams at Christmas
  • Cheaper bulky waste collection for low-income households
  • Over 50 new direct jobs

Douglas Johnson, Green Councillor for City Ward, said,

“Unlike the Chancellor, Sheffield Greens are serious about doing what we can to address the climate emergency and to protect the poorest in society.”

“The climate crisis needs government spending on the scale of what was available for the Covid pandemic.  At a local level, our budget proposals focus on what is achievable here and now.”

“These proposals will make people’s lives better, especially for the poorest households and small businesses who have been worst affected by Covid.  As well as a major investment in climate jobs, we offer real help for low-income families with substantial extra funding for advice work, a big boost to the council tax hardship scheme and lower heating bills in warmer homes.”

“I don’t expect the Chancellor to recognise the reality of low-paid work or applying for universal credit but our budget shows these go hand-in-hand with tackling the climate crisis.”

Cllr Alison Teal (Nether Edge and Sharrow Ward) said,

Since 2008 the Green Party has been proposing a Green New Deal to address the climate emergency we face and create green jobs.  The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the urgency for action.”

“We must address the massive changes needed and we must stop waiting for the government to rescue us.  There are many things we can do as a city which we have outlined in our budget amendment.  It is not exhaustive by any means, but we must make a start.”

“From properly insulating homes to building new infrastructure to generate energy.  Creating low traffic neighbourhoods and investing in biodiversity and urban horticulture. I’ve no doubt the people of Sheffield will see the benefits of so many positive changes, and work with the council to make them happen.”

Cllr Angela Argenzio (Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward) added,

The pandemic has shown us how important the local environment is: during the lockdown, Sheffield residents have learned to enjoy the green spaces on their door steps, they have taken up cycling and walking because there were less cars around but the COVID crisis has also brought inequalities into sharp focus, highlighting how people who live in smaller housing with no green spaces have suffered more deeply.  Our budget offers solutions that address the environmental crisis at local level by supporting the most vulnerable and enabling the economic recovery of our local communities.”


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The Council budget will be set at its meeting on Wednesday 3rd March at 2pm.  The agenda with the Administration’s spending plans are at:

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