Green Party councillor for Gleadless Valley, Alexi Dimond, and Green Party councillor for city ward and chair of the City Council housing committee, Douglas Johnson, attended the NOMAD and SYMAAG Refugee Homelessness Summit. On this video, they talk about what everyone in Sheffield can do to help.

Alexi said: “We’ve been talking about how the whole Sheffield community needs to come together in order to provide safe places for people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield

“We’re appealing for people to come forward, to maybe go on Offer your house, you can get housing benefits to support people seeking sanctuary, or also to sign up with charities such as Refugees at Home, who can help with the hosting of refugees.

“And if you’re a private landlord and you happen to have a property, please speak to NOMAD, because NOMAD manage properties on behalf of landlords.”

Douglas said: “One thing that came out of today’s conference was to say, we need to get this on the national agenda. Make housing and homelessness a big issue for the general election this year

“But at the same time we need to not lose sight of the real individuals who are caught up in this whirlwind of hopelessness and real hardship”

If you are in a position to help then please support these organisations, or offer your home space for those seeking sanctuary in Sheffield:
Give to SYMAAG
Give to NOMAD
Support for hosting Refugees At Home

Douglas Johnson on Channel 4 NewsCllr Douglas Johnson was on Channel 4 News last night, explaining the severe impact of the Housing Crisis.

Refugees aren’t to blame for the Housing Crisis. The Government need to put far more money into social housing to match the scale of the crisis we are experiencing from decades of underfunding. The Right to Buy, the Right to Acquire and any other policies for the large-scale sell-off of social housing should be abolished.

You can read more about  Green Party Housing Policy here.