Toby Mallinson with the 52A bus
Toby Mallinson with the 52A bus

Councillor George Lindars-Hammond’s suggestion that other parties “are blocking better bus services for Wisewood and Wadsley” (Letters April 28) is nonsense.

A meaningless Labour stunt staged in a council meeting helps no one. Bus services are controlled by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Authority not Sheffield City Council.

Following the service cuts last October, Hillsborough Green councillors suggested a shuttle bus solution directly to the elected Labour Mayor Oliver Coppard. Only the mayor can create and fund new bus services.

The loss of the 52A from Hillsborough Interchange through to Wadsley, Wisewood and Loxley has had devastating impacts:

Working people and parents lost a frequent, direct service to central Sheffield and to key employers such as the hospitals and universities plus secondary schools. It forces people to drive where they have access to a car.

Older and vulnerable people lost a frequent, 7 days a week, option for daily shopping, medical appointments or just going out and about. The replacement 31 often fails to turn up or is full. It only runs hourly in the daytime and not on Sundays.

Hillsborough Greens regret this misrepresentation of the hard work that all local councillors are doing to restore adequate bus services following the changes last October. Councillors should be working collaboratively on this vital issue, not divisively.

Greens across South Yorkshire will not give up pushing the mayor, bus companies and the Conservative Government to provide the investment and services we need across all local communities

Toby Mallinson

Council election candidate, Hillsborough Green Party

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