Dear Editor

G Shepherd makes some very good points about the sad state of the Labour Party. (Star letters 4th April)  I think they would be far more at home in the Green Party. 

We have been proud to support striking workers campaigning for a fair wage. 

We demand not only that the NHS is protected and safeguarded from privatisation, but that the Government funds it properly so we can once again be proud of our health service. 

We believe in freedom of speech and openness and certainly wouldn’t ban candidates from watching a film. I presume they were talking about “Oh Jeremy Corbyn:the big lie.”

Sheffield Greens have recently joined the Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and have no qualms about speaking out against the injustice the Palestinian people are facing.

G Shepherd does not mention the Lowcock Report on the tree dispute which showed how untrustworthy some of our Labour politicians are.   

G Shepherd would be most welcome to join us in the Green Party! 

Dylan Lewis-Creser

Green Party Candidate for Fulwood


G Shepherds letter is below. (it does not appear to be on the Star website)

Goodbye to Labour letter from G Shepherd

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