Cllrs Douglas Johnson & Angela Argenzio

Sheffield Greens have called for more support for Sheffield City’s NHS Walk-In Centre following it receiving an “Inadequate” rating from the Care Quality Commission. (1)

Green Party Deputy Leader Angela Argenzio said,

“I’d like to thank the Care Quality Commission for their report and highlighting areas of concern.

“The performance of the NHS Walk In Centre cannot be viewed in isolation from the under-resourcing of the wider NHS family.

“With people finding access to their own GPs more difficult, especially personal appointments and with long waiting times at Accident and Emergency Departments, there is a knock-on effect on well used services like the NHS Walk-In Centre. In many ways the Centre acts as the canary in the coal mine, showing, through increased demand, the pressures that exist in the NHS as a whole.

The Green Party recognises the value of the Walk-In Centre which is why we have campaigned to keep it open. We also need to work with the NHS and the Council to see how we can improve the service and lobby for the funding it needs to be effective.”

Cllr Douglas Johnson, Leader of the Green Group said,

“The finding that the Walk-In Centre is understaffed and overstretched should be no surprise after 13 years of Tory austerity and the creation of a health “market” by the previous Labour government.

“A truly meaningful response to this judgement would be to properly fund the NHS. Viewing the performance of the NHS Walk-In Centre in isolation at best gives an incomplete picture and at worst completely ignores its relationship with other health services. Demand for services at the Centre would be a lot less if everyone in the city had good access to their own local doctors.

“To respond to the CQC, we need to look not just at how we can improve the Walk In Centre but also how we can get the Government to recognise that all the customer-facing parts of the NHS should be funded and resourced properly to keep people out of hospital.”


(1) CQC Report into the NHS Walk-In Centre
Urgent – 1-361166596 Sheffield City GP Health Centre (26/07/2023) INS2-15322122231 (

Dear Editor

G Shepherd makes some very good points about the sad state of the Labour Party. (Star letters 4th April)  I think they would be far more at home in the Green Party. 

We have been proud to support striking workers campaigning for a fair wage. 

We demand not only that the NHS is protected and safeguarded from privatisation, but that the Government funds it properly so we can once again be proud of our health service. 

We believe in freedom of speech and openness and certainly wouldn’t ban candidates from watching a film. I presume they were talking about “Oh Jeremy Corbyn:the big lie.”

Sheffield Greens have recently joined the Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and have no qualms about speaking out against the injustice the Palestinian people are facing.

G Shepherd does not mention the Lowcock Report on the tree dispute which showed how untrustworthy some of our Labour politicians are.   

G Shepherd would be most welcome to join us in the Green Party! 

Dylan Lewis-Creser

Green Party Candidate for Fulwood


G Shepherds letter is below. (it does not appear to be on the Star website)

Goodbye to Labour letter from G Shepherd

Find out about your election candidates here.

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Christine Gilligan Kubo (l) at the S6 Foodbank
Christine Gilligan Kubo (l) at the S6 Foodbank

In 2020 we helped and supported each other while acting responsibly and we need to carry that through into 2021. Many Sheffield people live in isolation with ongoing health conditions and need regular support to stay safe at home. 

More NHS Volunteer Responders are needed in Sheffield. You need a smart phone and it’s a location based system, with alerts received by phone when you choose to be on duty. 

Community Response Volunteers collect shopping, medication or other essential supplies for people self-isolating. Check-in and Chat Volunteers phone people in self-isolation at risk of loneliness for a chat 

NHS Transport Volunteers transport equipment, supplies or medication between NHS services and sites. 

A new role has just been added: Steward Volunteer (Covid-19 vaccinations). Stewards will guide people on site to make sure the vaccination process runs as safely and efficiently as possible. They will help ensure social distancing and identify people who need additional support.

Sheffield has areas where a lot of people need help but few people are in a position to be able to offer to volunteer. These will often be more deprived areas, possibly council estates. If you live close to these areas, volunteering will be particularly valuable. You will find it a rewarding experience knowing it takes pressure off the NHS and the wonderful frontline staff working in it. 

You can apply via It’s one of many ways to help in this crisis, noting that many gave up their Christmas Day this year to feed and support vulnerable and homeless people. 

NHS, key workers, carers and volunteers have stepped up for us in 2020. Let’s keep doing what we can to help others in need in 2021.


Christine Gilligan Kubo

Hillsborough ward Green party