After success in the elections last May, our 13 Green councillors put Sheffield City Council on a pathway to Net Zero by 2030, committing the Council as part of the co-operative agreement. But that was only the start. Here is a round-up of what our Green councillors have been doing in Sheffield Council and the city to change our city for the better…

Improving our Environment

  • Our councillors entered into the first cross-party administration in Sheffield and are changing the culture of the Council. All major council decisions now have to consider the climate crisis. With Greens in the Executive, the Council has introduced a 10-point plan for Climate Action, covering all organisations in the city and looking at jobs, housing, waste, energy, food and more.
  • Green action has meant property developers and businesses applying for additional recovery grants will have to say how they will address the climate crisis. This will mean businesses across the city taking practical measures, from reduction in plastics to sustainable urban drainage to increased renewable energy use.
  • Green Councillors succeeded in getting the council to declare a Nature Emergency; this includes reducing the use of the harmful weed-killer glyphosate, with the Council now running trials to go Glyphosate-free.

Making Sheffield a Fair city

Keeping Sheffield Moving

  • Our Green councillors have got the go-ahead for a Clean Air Zone and unlocked millions of pounds in government grants for taxi-drivers and small businesses. This will make the city cleaner and healthier.
  • Green councillors kept the city centre around Pinstone St safe for people to walk and cycle. The street remains pedestrianised and will be transformed in the future. Green councillors also won agreements for a FreeBee city centre shuttle bus and a pavement parking ban for the city centre, making getting about easier for everyone.
  • Greens have worked hard to get Active Travel cycling and walking improvements in place across Sheffield, linking up the city. We’re also actively supporting the Upper Don Trail which will offer a safe route to the city centre from Walkley, Hillsborough and beyond.
The Green Councillor Group
The Green Councillor Group

Listening to every resident

  • Greens backed the independent “It’s Our City!” campaign that called for the end to the ‘Strong Leader’ way of running the council. Green councillors have been pushing for more openness in the new ‘modern committee’ system to involve ordinary people more.
  • Green Councillors secured an independent inquiry into the Sheffield street trees felling scandal. Many Green councillors played a role in the protests. This inquiry will help achieve “truth and reconciliation”.
  • Our Green councillors have close links with voluntary groups and charities and have been pushing to make sure these groups are involved more in Council decisions and services. Our Green councillors also work hard for residents on everyday issues, actively making the Council work better.

This is what we did with just 13 councillors along with the Green Party activists and supporters across the city. Imagine what we could do with 13 more! Please vote for your local Sheffield Green Party candidate in the elections on May 5th and join us in working for justice, equality and protection of the natural resources that sustain us, to transform Sheffield into a fairer, greener place to live and work.